Daily Archives: January 5, 2011

Microsoft has outlined plans to adapt the next version of Windows for the low-power ARM processor architecture that already underpins the iPad. Steven Sinofsky, head of the Windows and Windows Live division, went onstage at CES in Las Vegas to lay out an important shift in Microsoft’s technology strategy (though, in an attempt to appease Intel and AMD, he also described this as a broader evolution that includes them.) Read more

Web-connected cars could be the next big thing, according to the steer we’re being given about CES announcements from the likes of Audi, Ford and Toyota this week. But you can even feel connected in an old banger, thanks to a rear-view mirror device launched by OnStar at a press conference on Tuesday night. Read more

The growing number of sensors in devices and the symbiotic relationship between the latest hardware and the apps that enrich them were picked out as 2011 CES trends to watch by analysts from the Consumer Electronics Association on Tuesday. Fitness, health and sporting activities are new areas being exploited – among the gadgets highlighted at the CEA’s opening press conference were Zeal Optics’ Transcend ski goggles, which feature a heads-up display as you race down the mountain, showing speed, distance covered, temperature and altitude – the latter statistic measured using a pressure sensor. Read more

No secret about where much of the attention will be directed when this year’s Consumer Electronics Show officially opens on Thursday in Las Vegas: tablet computers – lots of them. Click the link below to see our coverage of the early news around CES. And come back the rest of this week for updates from our team at the show, including live coverage of some of the big announcements. Read more