Daily Archives: January 11, 2011

Perhaps the only surprising thing about Apple’s long-expected decision to end its US exclusivity with AT&T and bring the iPhone to Verizon Wireless is that it didn’t wait for the No. 1 network’s upgrade to much-faster 4G, which is still in process. The fact that it couldn’t wait shows how badly Apple wants to boost growth both for the gadgets themselves and more fundamentally for its slice of the mobile audience, where Google is pulling ahead. Read more

From the FT:

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Nintendo was showing off its 3DS handheld game console at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, begging the question of where was Sony’s 3D PlayStation Portable. Sony made a point at its news conference that it was bringing 3D to the smaller screen, with products like the Bloggie camcorder, but a gaming machine was notable in its absence. Read more

When CEOs and other senior executives quit unexpectedly, the final straw that led to the move is not always visible. But Monday’s exits at Microsoft and AMD are a sign that even solid business performance is no guarantee of job security at companies whose fortunes have been tied to the PC era. Read more