Daily Archives: January 17, 2011

There is a deep irony in the way that US securities law has just prevented the country’s own citizens from backing the hottest internet company to emerge in a decade. As a result, Americans will be forced to turn instead to the highly limited private markets – like the deal on SharesPost that has just pushed Facebook’s notional market value above $60bn. Read more

The video game industry has simultaneously tried to neutralise and amplify criticism of its skills in creating addictive violent games these past few days. The Entertainment Software Association launched a pre-emptive strike against a new study suggesting games contributed to depression, while Electronic Arts revealed how it had tried to shock 200 mums into condemning its violent sequel Dead Space 2. Read more

Julian Assange’s unannounced appearance at the Frontline Club in London on Monday alongside Rudolf Elmer, the Swiss whistleblower, secured WikiLeaks’ place in the headlines today – in spite of the lack of any substantive new details about the contents of the two CDs passed to the freedom-of-information site. Read more

Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, told employees on Monday that the company has granted him a medical leave of absence but said that he would continue as chief executive and remain involved in major strategic decisions. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

  • In an attempt to stem online piracy, Universal and Sony Music, two of Britain’s biggest record labels, are to make their new singles available for sale on the day they first hit the airwaves, PaidContent reports. The music companies hope that by being able to buy songs immediately,  impatient music lovers will stop copying songs from radio broadcasts online.
  • TechCrunch reports on findings by Asmyco, the Helsinki-based app developer and industry analysis advisory firm, that more than 60 Apps have been downloaded for every iOS device sold -  up from 10 Apps downloaded for every iPhone/iPod touch in 2008.

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