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Nintendo’s latest handheld console will cost more than the Wii home console when it goes on sale in the US and Europe in March.

At news conferences in New York and Amsterdam on Wednesday, the Japanese console maker revealed the 3DS will cost $250 in the US, with a retail price of around the same figure in euros expected in Europe and a UK price of #230. The Wii costs $200 (€190, £180). Read more

The skirmishes between European telecoms groups and Apple and Google are intensifying. They point to a profound issue for the European groups: can they secure a bigger chunk of the profit generated from the internet?

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 Taiwan’s Asus, whose Eee PC introduced the concept of netbooks to the world, has been closely watched over the past year for any signs that tablets were hurting netbook sales.

Asus, however, has said it remain dedicated to netbooks (while also introducing its own tablets and e-readers this year) and vice-president Samson Hu on Wednesday offered a cautiously upbeat prognosis on the future of the mini-notebooks. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

  • Yahoo is looking to allow users to create new accounts using their Google and Facebook identities, reports TechCrunch. This follows a successful trial on Flickr last year, where after Google credentials were allowed to be used, the site saw a 20 per cent increase in sign-ups.
  • The Seattle Times says that Starbucks is to expand its “pay-by-phone” program to 6,800 of its US stores, plus more than 1,000 outlets inside Target outlets, following a trial in Seattle. The coffee company’s cardholders load an application onto their iPhone or BlackBerry smartphones which then displays a barcode that’s scanned at the register to pay for drinks.

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Apple’s biggest problem is that it can’t make the iPhone fast enough, such is the level of demand, it emerged on the company’s earnings conference call on Tuesday. And that may in turn worry Verizon and its customers, who may not get the supplies they want when the iPhone 4 goes on sale with the US carrier on February 10. Read more