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In the year since Google revealed that some of its prize intellectual property had been stolen by hackers it associated with the Chinese government, the private sector and the FBI have increased their efforts on cybersecurity. But it isn’t nearly enough, according to outside experts including an influential panel of advisors. Read more

Google’s opening of its Android Market webstore on Wednesday has seized the advantage from Apple’s App Store in terms of accessibility, if not quite in the number of apps available yet. The new “cloud” webstore and additional features coming, such as in-app purchases, will delight developers who have complained about the inferiority of the Android Market compared to the App Store. It will also be a boon for consumers using Android devices. Read more

To the Guggenheim Museum in New York to watch the launch of The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s new newspaper – or more accurately newspaper-cum-magazine – for the iPad.

My colleague David Gelles has reviewed the first edition of The Daily here, so I will confine myself to the observation that it looks nice and has lot of moving parts, such as video and slideshows, but lacks urgency. Read more

Google has unveiled a cloud service to update Android devices with new apps from a PC web browser and has demonstrated the new Android Honeycomb operating system for tablets in a news conference at its headquarters in Silicon Valley. Andy Rubin, who leads Android’s development, introduced the event and said there would be a number of new features unveiled, including improvements in the Android Market and cloud services supporting Android. The news as it was unveiled is after the jump. Read more

From around the web:

  • News Corp has launched its newspaper app for iPads, The Daily, which is available for download in the iTunes store now, VentureBeat reports. Engadget also liveblogged the launch event.
  • The photo sharing iPhone app, Instagram, has raised $7 million in funding and has hit the 1.5 million users mark, Tech Crunch reports.

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Internet services returned to Egypt on Wednesday morning, with even previously blocked sites such as Twitter available. Read more