Daily Archives: March 24, 2011

In its last full year as an independent company, Sun Microsystems suffered an operating loss of $775m. Now, less than two years later, Oracle says it’s well on the way to making a $1.5bn profit from the same businesses.

So did Sun shareholders make a big mistake in selling out too soon, or has Oracle really pulled off an overhaul in record time? Read more

In the annals of video game history, Duke Nukem Forever stands alone as the title that never fails to disappoint. Disappoint in the sense that, 14 years after development began on the sequel to 1996’s Duke Nukem 3D, the game has still not appeared. This despite countless tentative release dates and its developer 3D Realms being reduced to saying in 2001 that it would be released simply “when it’s done”. Read more

The Huffington Post will launch a British edition this summer, its founder announced in London, in what could be the first of a raft of international versions of the blogging site. Read more

Businessman using PDA in Manhattan

Two weeks ago, I had what I thought was a clever idea. I owned an iPhone that I had not been using in New York because I did not want to pay AT&T’s data charges of up to $45 per month for e-mail and browsing. Why not just connect it to the network on a voice plan and use it for this alone when not in WiFi range? Read more

In the days immediately after the Japan earthquake, there was great concern of a worst-case scenario of severe disruption to the global technology supply chain that would halt or severely delay production of computers, smartphones or – horrors of horrors – the iPad 2.

Now more than a week later, it is still difficult to quantify the exact toll the quake will exact on tech production. But a somewhat clearer, and more measured, account of what is or is not under threat is emerging. And, thankfully, the situation for now looks to be not as dire as many people originally thought.

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Tech news from around the web:

  • Google has launched an online quarterly magazine – Think Quarterly – NewsGrange reports. The online search company says the magazine is a ‘breathing space in a busy world’.

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Color, a new app that makes social connections and captures events “in the round” through the medium of location-based photographs, has officially launched, with major VC firms putting $41m into the six-month old company behind it. That’s the snapshot on the Silicon Valley startup, but the bigger picture is that Color makes possible a new kind of automated “ad hoc”, content-sharing and social networking. Read more