Daily Archives: March 25, 2011

Tech news from around the web:

  • Google Music, a streaming service that will store user’s existing music library on Google’s servers, is nearly complete and being tested on internally, reports CNet. Greg Sandoval writes, “Negotiations with at least some of the top publishers and four largest record labels are ongoing, according to sources.”
  • Kodak is suing RIM and Apple over an image preview phone patent. Bloomberg reports that $1 billion dollars could be at stake.

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A guest post by Ben Fenton, the FT’s chief media correspondent

The rumour that won’t go away right now is that The Times is soon not going to be behind the same kind of paywall that currently shields it and its very fine writers. If that sounds like a convoluted sentence, it is deliberately so. The situation is opaque and must be approached cautiously. Read more

Gamers lined up to buy the new Nintendo 3DS in their thousands last night, according to UK retailers HMV and Game, as the Japanese electronics company goes head-to-head with Apple’s launch of the iPad 2 to see which gadget can attract the bigger crowd. Read more

Few people outside the New York Times headquarters can have been happier to see the publisher announce its (very) long-awaited model for charging for online news last week than Steve Brill and Gordon Crovitz.

The founder of The American Lawyer and the former head of WSJ.com set out two years ago to persuade publishers around the world that such paid models were feasible, and to provide them with the software to implement them. Read more

Apple is accentuating the software possibilities of the iPad 2 as well as its new hardware improvements, with more than 65,000 apps now designed specifically for the tablet. As it goes on sale internationally on Friday, this week’s Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section looks at some of the best of these, including the new iMovie video editing and GarageBand music creation software. Read more