Daily Archives: April 4, 2011

Larry Page returns to work at Google today as its chief executive, although he never went away in the first place, having spent a decade as “president of products” and part of the triumvirate that ran the company.

Still, with Eric Schmidt moving up to becoming “executive chairman” – usually an ambiguous term that means “the old chief executive who is not yet willing to relinquish the reins fully” – Mr Page appears to be back in charge of the company he co-founded with Sergey Brin.

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Tech news from around the web:

  • Geekwire has been looking at the rumours surrounding the next version of the Windows PC operating system. As well as adopting the tabbed command strip from Micorosoft Office, Windows 8 – or whatever Microsoft decides to call it -  will also have Kinect sensor technology and elements of the Xbox Live interface as well as an alternative interface for touch-based tablet computers that uses tiles and works more like a mobile operating system.

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Interpublic, the advertising group, has emerged as an unlikely beneficiary of the surging value of Facebook. Read more