Daily Archives: April 7, 2011

In the Plex
How Google thinks, works, and shapes our lives
By Steven Levy
Simon & Schuster, $26

It often feels as though Google’s founders live in­side a privileged bubble. It is a place where outsized technological ambition, social do-goodism and massive financial resources have combined to create an insulated and unreal world. Read more

From Inside Business

Business is personal. It doesn’t matter if you’re the boss of a struggling start-up or a multibillionaire, there are often grudges to be born and scores to settle. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

  • Google is working on an overhaul of YouTube to take advantage of the WebTV explosion, the Wall Street Journal reports.  The online company is also planning to spend as much as $100m to commission low-cost content designed exclusively for the web.  Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter says that Google is planning to open an office in Beverly Hills.

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Quietly brilliant. The pithy two-word slogan of Taiwan’s HTC could readily sum up the company’s recent performance.  Read more