Daily Archives: April 8, 2011

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We’ve heard from two sources that the US Department of Justice is about to announce a consent decree with Google over its acquisition of ITA that comes with an interesting twist. As we reported, Google will have to license out ITA technology to other companies for a set period, putting it under government oversight.

But it appears that the DoJ is also creating a new complaints procedure for anyone who thinks the company’s involvement in the travel market leads to deceptive or manipulative practices – including in its core search service. Read more

Kno, which had ambitious plans to launch a dual-screen textbook tablet and a large-format single-screen one for students, is getting out of the hardware business and focusing just on education software. The Silicon Valley start-up announced its decision on Friday along with news of a $30m Series C funding round led by Intel Capital, which contributed $20m. Intel will work with Kno on adapting its software for its own reference designs and Intel Learning platforms, which include the Classmate PC. Read more

The phrase “a war with iPhone” slipped from the mouth of Lenovo’s chairman, Liu Chuanzhi, when the Chinese electronics company launched its smartphone handset – the LePhone – last year. With the recent launch of its first tablet – the LePad – the company hopes to take on Apple again, albeit only in the Chinese market.
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Tech news from around the web:

  • Online travel site Expedia is planning to spin off TripAdvisor, in a deal that could value the unit at as much as $4bn, the Wall Street Journal reports. Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia chief executive,  said the recommendation and travel media site had grown to a point that it was now ready to be spun off into a pure-play media company.

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The relationship between video game developers and their marketing departments is usually akin to a bulletstorm between two warring sides in one of their shoot-em-up titles. Or so Kudo Tsunoda, creative director for Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller, and Danny Bilson, THQ’s head of core games, implied in speeches at the MI6 video game marketing conference on Thursday – while pointing out that the respective successes of Kinect and THQ’s Homefront game have been forged by exceptions to that rule. Read more

To be chumby8-ed is to be transfixed by a constantly changing 8-in screen informing you of all the weird and wonderful happenings on the web. In addition, the new Chumby8 is part digital photo frame, part internet radio and alarm clock. Read more

Facebook unveiled the design of its custom-built data centre and servers on Thursday, and promised to share the blueprints with the world, hoping its energy-efficient design would be copied by many others.

Innovations like a cooling system that uses no air conditioning and simplified servers have increased Facebook’s energy efficiency by 38 per cent, compared to conventional leased servers, and decreased costs by 24 per cent. Read more