Daily Archives: April 11, 2011

Intel has launched its first major effort to win market share in tablet devices, while revealing how it will defend the netbook market it dominates from this year’s slate onslaught. The world’s biggest chipmaker is announcing the availability of its first chip specifically designed for tablets and is giving a sneak peek at its developer forum in Beijing this week of its next-generation netbook chip. Read more

Well, that didn’t take long. JT Wang, Acer chairman who is now running the world’s second biggest PC company after its board ousted Gianfranco Lanci, has taken his first step in transforming the company.

Less than a week after the boardroom shakeup, Acer has a new image – literally. The company on Monday unveiled a new logo, replacing the previous version that had been in use for the past decade. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

  • Apple chief executive Steve Jobs has agreed to participate in a book about his life, ABC reports. Simon & Schuster announced on Sunday that Walter Isaacson’s “iSteve: The Book of Jobs” will be published in early 2012.

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