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Last year, 23m flat-screen television sets were sold in Japan. This year, according to AU Optronics, the third biggest flat panel maker in the world, there may only be 12m unit sold.

Impact from the earthquake and tsunami? The spirit of jishuku, or self-restraint, sweeping through Japanese consumers? Neither, says Paul Peng, executive vice-president of AUO. Rather, it is the end of the Y290bn ‘eco-point‘ stimulus programme that is threatening TV demand in Japan. Read more

Are Chad Hurley and Steve Chen itching for another shot at the big time? That was the heavy hint the YouTube founders dropped on Wednesday as they stepped in to save Delicious (Yahoo botched its handling of the former Web 2.0 darling in December, provoking an outcry when it implied that it might consider closing the service. It eventually saying that it would look for a sale.) Read more

Leading European telecoms companies want to levy significant charges on Google and other online content providers through an overhaul of the regime governing how data travel over the internet.

Operators in Europe complain that they are contending with an explosion of data on their networks, much of which comes from US sites such as Google’s YouTube video service. Read more

Why would two entrepreneurs in their early 20s choose to start a business that pits them against giant rivals with billions of dollars to burn and every reason to fight hard for new markets they believe are strategically important?

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Tech news from around the web:

  • A handful of venture capital firms and other companies are expected to make offers to News Corp for MySpace, Mashable reports. Redscout Ventures, Thomas H. Lee Partners, and Criterion Capital Partners LLC , which also owns Bebo, have been named as potential suitors for the troubled social network site which is expected to fetch $100m.

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More than 70m users of Sony’s online gaming network have had their names, e-mail addresses and passwords stolen by a hacker in one of the largest privacy breaches to date. Read more