Daily Archives: May 6, 2011

After more than two months of privately and publicly complaining about Apple’s new iPad subscription policy, evidently to little avail, magazine and newspaper publishers are diverging over whether to sign up. Read more

The last television I bought combined the richness and clarity of a 21st century high-definition picture with the kind of tinny sound I remember from 1960s transistor radios.
My 50-year mismatch of audio and visual experience may have been extreme, but sound that is as thin as the new, wonderfully slim flat-panel TVs has become a common complaint, now that they are reduced to LED-lit slivers and the speakers inside have been shrunk smaller and flatter. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

  • TechCrunch reports that AOL is internally testing a web-based video chat known as AV. AOL employees were sent a memo about the new service from the head of the company’s Instant Messenger products, Jason Shellen. Mr Shellen says that this is the first of several new AIM launches.
  • According to Nielsen’s latest survey, Apple controls 82 percent of the US tablet market. The company’s latest research on mobile connected devices was fielded in Spring 2011.

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