Daily Archives: May 17, 2011

Intel is predicting a reinvention over the next two years of the consumer PC – a core market for the world’s biggest chipmaker – as it battles competition from smartphones and tablets.
Speaking at the company’s analyst meeting on Tuesday, Paul Otellini, chief executive, said that the PC would become a higher performance mainstream-priced, touch-enabled device that would not compromise on features such as thinness, instant-on capabilities, permanent internet connectivity and all-day battery life. Read more

Would you trust this man with your money?

If you are thinking of buying shares in the LinkedIn IPO, the answer had better be “Yes”. Reid Hoffman owns a fifth of the social network for professionals. But the little-noticed effect of the company’s unusual share structure is that his control is likely to keep going up… and up… Read more

Leo Apotheker has just added a valuable new euphemism to the business lexicon. In striving to maintain the profit margin in its services division, he said, HP had “over-executed operationally.” That’s a justification other CEOs will no doubt rush to take up to explain away their companies’ over-zealous, but misguided, efforts.

But if HP is executing so well on its current business and failing to invest in the future, as Mr Apotheker suggested, then why is the lower margin now projected for the division closely tied to existing contracts? Read more

Tech news from around the web:

  • Social shopping site Groupon sees the smartphone as vital to its future, AllThingsDigital says. Groupon’s  mobile partnerships vice-president, Michael Shim, says: “Mobile is huge for Groupon…I believe we could see us doing 50 per cent of deals sold/purchased in the next couple of years.”

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Hewlett-Packard moved up its quarterly earnings release to before the US markets open Tuesday, two trading sessions earlier than planned, after a memo from its chief executive warned of tough conditions. Read more