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There has been no shortage of players from the private secondary markets basking in the reflected glory from the LinkedIn IPO. But by itself, one successful deal does not prove the markets are working effectively, and there are still plenty of reasons to be cautious. Read more

It was only a matter of time before celebrities sought to extend their personal brands established on Twitter and Facebook to other social arenas such as games, which are capturing as much attention as the stars themselves.
Zynga has been featuring music from Lady Gaga’s latest album inside FarmVille this month in a deal with the singer and now Electronic Arts has announced celebrity chef Jamie Oliver will feature in its own Facebook game, Restaurant City. Read more

One feature I have been waiting for in eReader software, which is a little obscure but would be a killer one for me, is the ability to click or tap on a word or phrase and get an instant translation (I would thus spend less time using the dictionary when reading French novels). You can’t do it with Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color and add-on dictionaries for each language have to be bought for Amazon’s Kindle and are limited in their capabilities. However, Google has finally come to the rescue, with word and passage translations between a multitude of languages being one of three new free Google Books features. Read more

Here we go again. LinkedIn’s massive share price spike is going to cause recriminations. Such as: if the company is really worth more than $100 a share, why did the underwriters leave $400m on the table?

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LinkedIn shares hit $92.99 as trading opened before settling to $84.43, a 87.6 per cent increase, after its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday.

The professional social network sold 7.84m shares for $45 each, according to a company statement on Wednesday.

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Nokia logoYet another instalment of the story of Nokia’s long slow decline came on Thursday with the new global mobile phone handset figures. Nokia is still the world’s leading handset maker but its market share is now down to 25 per cent, a level last seen in 1997. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

  • Apple has signed a cloud-music licensing agreement with EMI Music and is very near to completing deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, according to CNET. The agreements would enable Apple to launch a fully licensed cloud-music service to rival offerings from Amazon and Google.

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There’s no doubt about it: Wall Street is ready to pay up for growth. Even when compared to the heady price Microsoft has just agreed to pay for Skype, the LinkedIn deal looks rich. But this kind of growth is a rare commodity in the public market these days. Read more