Monthly Archives: May 2011

It has to be the rarest sight in personal gadgetry: a tablet dev­ice with fewer buttons than Apple’s minimalist iPad. I was flummoxed by this, as well as the lack of connectivity ports, when I first took hold of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Working my way round its perimeter with my fingernails in search of some concealed port reminded me of trying to find a way into a new CD with its maddening cellophane wrapper. Read more

Richard Waters

With all the brouhaha around social media, it’s easy to forget a sector that was meant to have had a few hot IPOs of its own by now. A company that is trying to make money by selling green slime hopes to change that. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Amazon has launched a Mac Download Store to go alongside its online app outlet, theloop reports. The service will compete directly with Apple’s Mac Store, with Amazon claiming it has 250 software and game titles available for the Mac. Read more

Richard Waters

It’s easy to see why Google and its rivals would have their eyes set on mobile payments, but less easy to see how they can break into this market. With its Google Wallet announcement on Thursday, the search company has just come up with an answer. Read more

Joseph Menn

There has been an increasing amount of talk from high places, including the White House, about the urgent need for international  cooperation on cybersecurity. But a proposal to be released tomorrow calling for specific US-China steps shows, more than anything, how far we have to go. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Pioneer is introducing a kind of in-dash iPad – a 6.1in touch-screen device called AppRadio to which an iPhone or iPod touch can be connected in a car. Pioneer had only a few iOS apps to show in a demonstration and unveiling of the product in San Francisco this week, but it expects its new platform to grow rapidly. Read more

Tim Bradshaw

After months of speculation, Twitter has finally completed its acquisition of Tweetdeck, the UK-based desktop software for the micro-blogging site’s more sophisticated and prolific users. Read more

If one of the purposes of trade fairs is to create buzz, the organisers of BookExpo America could not have asked for a buzzier prelude to this week’s event. Read more

It was probably inevitable that when Nicolas Sarkozy invited the leaders of the world’s biggest technology companies and high representatives of Silicon Valley to Paris to mull over the future of the internet, a culture war would break out. Read more

Tim Bradshaw

Facebook’s role in the “Arab Spring” revolutions has been overplayed, Mark Zuckerberg told the e-G8 Forum in Paris on Wednesday evening. Read more