Daily Archives: June 8, 2011

Steve Jobs announced plans for Apple’s new headquarters, a “spaceship”-type design that could accommodate 12,000 employees.

The circular, four-story building with glass walls would be built down the road from Apple’s current location in Cupertino, and is expected to be completed by 2015. Read more

RSA fobSo it begins. Infosec, a UK-based IT security company has said it will no longer be selling RSA’s SecurID tokens, following news that the authentication devices had been hacked and used in an attack against defence contractor Lockheed Martin. Read more

The fallout of the Sony PlayStation data breach, in which hackers stole personal information about more than 100m gamers, was more a failure in management than a failure in security technology. The latest estimated loss of $171m seems conservative, capturing only direct costs to Sony, and preceding the company’s admission of three subsequent global attacks in Canada, Thailand and Indonesia. The true extent of damage of these breaches and their reputational consequences will likely unfold over time.

Tech news from around the web:

Online gaming group Zynga is planning to sell a small number of shares in its initial public offering -  adopting a strategy used by LinkedIn – to maintain control of the company while raising money to expand, according to Bloomberg. Zynga may make less than 10 percent of its shares available to the public in its IPO, the report says. Read more

Boxee, the internet entertainment service, is bringing its TV set-top box to the UK this week. Netflix, Pandora and Major League Baseball have proven popular on its D-Link-manufactured device in the US since its launch last year, allowing owners to watch web TV and their own digital downloads on the big-screen TV set. Read more

There’s always a danger, when a company like Apple comes up with a sweeping move like the iCloud, of viewing it in isolation. But the responses from Apple’s rivals will be rapid.

That, of course, is exactly why Steve Jobs has just tried to stake out the territory in his own inimitable way, months before Apple is actually in a position to launch a service. Sound familiar? It’s the same game plan that Microsoft followed for so many years. Read more

Facebook rushed to explain an unannounced change in its privacy settings on Tuesday when advocates beat them to the punch in alerting users to a global roll out of its face-recognition technology that helps users identify friends in photographs. Read more