Daily Archives: June 10, 2011

A couple of months ago, the computer systems of Nonghyup, a large South Korean bank, crashed spectacularly, leaving thousands of customers stranded for several days. It never made headline news in the west. But perhaps it should.

The South Korean military believe the source of the crash was a carefully planned attack by North Korea, which used an infected laptop to infiltrate the banking system, to sow consumer panic. And while Pyongyang has denied the charges, the episode is thought-provoking for investors, particularly given this week’s excitement about the computing “cloud”Read more

Nintendo Wii U

Touch and gesture have al­ready made gaming more instinctive and now we are about to have gaming from all angles. I have been seeing video games from literally every point of view at the annual E3 trade show ex­travaganza in Los Angeles this week.

There was the depth of 3D as water rushed towards me when a ship’s hold was flooded in Sony’s Uncharted 3. Finger-painting in mid-air in front of the Kinect’s motion-sensing camera produced a hologram-like image on­screen that could be viewed in the round simply by shifting the player’s body position.

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Tech news from around the web:

Google is in talks to buy online-ad firm Admeld for around $400m, The Wall Street Journal reports. The deal would be Google’s sixth-largest acquisition to date and bolster the company’s attempts control the market for online graphical and interactive display ads. Read more

Hearst, publisher of magazines including Cosmopolitan and Esquire, took at shot at rival publishers Condé Nast and Time Inc on Monday, as it unveiled its new centre for developing and showcasing digital editions of its titles. Read more