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Using Storify, here is a collection of early comments and reviews of Google’s latest push into social media… Read more

no to spamAt first this looks so promising. Volumes of spam are down nearly 70 per cent from last year according to a report from Symantec, the IT security company. In June, there were 39.2bn unsolicited, “spam” messages in circulation each day, compared with 121.5bn a day in June 2010. This echoes findings earlier this month from rival McAfee, which suggested spam levels had halved in the last year.

But sadly, this doesn’t mean we are winning the war on cybercriminals and botnets. Rather, it is a reflection on how use of the internet is evolving to become more centred around social networking sites and mobile phones. Spam on Twitter and Facebook is becoming a growing problem. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

More adults in the US own dedicated e-readers than tablet computers, the Los Angeles Times reports. According to a study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, the share of adults in the US who own an e-reader hit 12 per cent in May, up from 6 per cent in November.  In contrast, the share of US adults owning a tablet computer hit 8 per cent. Read more

During the 1990s, stock options became a part of Silicon Valley lore. They represented the right of even the most junior engineer to strike it rich and became a standard part of any pay package.

But things aren’t that simple anymore. The Valley’s approach to pay has changed greatly since the last dotcom bubble, and workers who don’t learn the new rules of the game can get caught out. Read more