Daily Archives: July 2, 2011

Well, that was fast. Just 48 hours after the FT flagged a loophole that “resharing” on Google+ could in a couple of clicks make a “limited” post visible to anyone, Google has announced a fix will be in place early next week. Read more

As an unusual sort of company, Zynga comes with an unusual set of warning labels, including its dependence “on a small percentage of our players for nearly all of our revenue”, as the prospectus filed on Friday puts it. That raises an interesting and still unanswered set of questions. Read more

Much has been made of Zynga’s heavy dependence on Facebook, from which it draws the vast majority of its users. For would-be investors in the games company’s hotly anticipated IPO, here’s one more thing to worry about: thanks to recent changes in Facebook’s practices, it is hard to hard to assess what sort of underlying growth trajectory Zynga is on. Read more