Daily Archives: August 3, 2011

Tech news from around the web:

Facebook has acquired e-book publisher Push Pop Press for an undisclosed price, ReadWriteWeb reports. The technology will “become part of how millions of people connect and share with each other on Facebook,” Push Pop Press said on its site. Read more

Every good corporate executive knows that carelessly worded internal emails can turn into damning evidence in future trials. In its high-stakes legal fight with Oracle, though, Google has just discovered that an email that was never actually sent – let alone even completed – may turn out to be just as dangerous. Read more

The sparse text ads in Gmail have never been popular. There has been an inescapable air of intrusiveness about them, and making them relevant has always been a problem (case in point: the email currently at the top of my inbox, which concerns a civil legal case, comes with the enticing come-on: “Want to join the FBI?”)

But with its latest experiment, Google might actually have found a more enticing way to harness the power of its email network. Read more