Daily Archives: August 22, 2011

Tech news from around the web:

Apple is to phase out access to the unique device identifier, or UDID, on devices such as iPhones and iPads in the next update to its iOS mobile software, according to TechCrunch. The UDID is used by mobile ad and game networks or any app that needs to identify its users. If it is scrapped, companies would have to create their own unique identifiers to keep track of their users. This, TechCrunch warns, would mean companies may well have to get rid of all of their historical user data and start from scratch. Read more

Bank of America may just have dodged a bullet when it comes to the stash of its confidential information that was said last year to be in the hands of Wikileaks. After an internal feud, a break-away member of Wikileaks has told Spiegel Online that he has destroyed information that he took from the organisation – and Wikileaks itself says that includes 5 gigabytes of information from Bank of America. Read more