Daily Archives: September 9, 2011

Following through on its pledge earlier this week to weigh new strategic options even as it looks for a new chief executive, Yahoo and its bankers are already fielding inquiries. Read more

IFA 2011 consumer technology trade fiar Berlin Germany

Just when you think you have seen the highest definition television, the thinnest laptop and every tablet screen size possible, someone in consumer electronics comes along and tops it, as if simply to prove it can be done.

Manufacturers’ bragging rights, the need to compete with trailblazing Apple and to persuade consumers they must have something new is driving this innovation. Nowhere is it more evident than at an event such as the annual IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, which has just finished giving us its latest preview of the future.

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“Smartphone” Valley is experiencing a second wave of companies tapping its telecoms talent, with Vodafone the latest carrier to open a research and development outpost here on Thursday.

AT&T will follow suit next week , while Verizon opened its research centre in August aimed at luring developers. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Android  is expected to surpass Apple in application downloads for the first time, according to research seen by CNET. A study by Ovum has found that Google’s mobile system is set to notch up 8.1bn app downloads this year, compared with 6bn for Apple’s iOS devices. Read more