Daily Archives: September 21, 2011

Hewlett-Packard’s executive suite looks like it’s in line for another upheaval: as the FT’s Joseph Menn reports, the company is considering showing CEO Léo Apotheker the door after less than a year.

But with all the comings and goings at the top, the company’s boardroom might be a better place to look to if the cycle of dysfunction is to end. Read more

Spotify’s launch in the US has helped to boost its subscriber numbers by more than 400,000 in three months, according to its chief executive. Read more

If MiCloud had been launched this week in the US, it would have been just the latest entrant into the growing market of cloud-based services aimed at developers and small companies, a la Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud.

But the venture, a joint effort by MiTAC, one of the world’s biggest IT distribution and systems integrators, and Joyent, whose cloud services power LinkedIn, had its debut in Taiwan. There, it makes the claim of being the island’s first public cloud service. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Google+ is now open to the public, the Los Angeles Times reports. After 12 weeks of field trials, the social network is still technically in a ‘beta stage’ however, with nine new features being added this week and more planned for the future.

Location-based app Foursquare has just clocked up a billion check-ins, says TechCrunch. On top of this, Foursquare has launched a new version of its mobile app for the iPhone and Android handsets. Read more

The BBC today unveils a new homepage, as one of the UK’s most popular websites begins a ground-up redesign. Read more

Adobe has announced a new high-performance version of its Flash software, which it says will differentiate it further from the capabilities of HTML5 – the name for web technologies that are increasingly being used in its stead by developers.

Apple has notably rejected Flash for its iPhone and iPad, citing performance issues, but Adobe said the new Flash Player 11 would render games a thousand times faster than the current 10.3 release. Read more