Daily Archives: October 6, 2011

On reflection.

When I first arrived in New York as a junior reporter for the Financial Times in 1982 we used to write our copy on a set of pale blue teleprinters. Then when it was time to file – and often later – we would switch the teleprinters into ‘online mode’ and pressed the ‘send’ button.

The teleprinter then spewed out a yellow punched ribbon tape and at the same time magically transmitted the copy over a leased Reuters data link to a printer that sat on the FT’s foreign desk in London and was affectionately called the ‘hot line.’ Read more

The death of Steve Jobs, announced tonight by Apple, was expected but still comes as a shock. There are very few business people who are truly irreplaceable but Mr Jobs was undoubtedly so.

Like many other people, I heard the news via his products – in my case through Twitter on an iPod Touch — and am writing this on a MacBook Air. Mr Jobs’ original vision of a world of personal computers came truer than even he imagined.

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Apple’s brief announcement on Wednesday evening of the death of Steve Jobs marked the beginning of a flood of tributes from business leaders and politicians, along with mass outpourings on social networks.

As Apple replaced the new iPhone 4S with a picture of its 56-years-old co-founder and chairman on the front page of its website, its board said: “We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today.”

Tim Cook,  Apple chief executive, sent a message to staff  and the Jobs family issued a statement. These and further reactions from President Obama to Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s co-founders, Twitter’s CEO,  and Bill Gates are after the jump. Read more