Daily Archives: October 9, 2011

Western Digital this week made its WD TV Live internet media player more competitive with the likes of Apple TV, Roku and the Logitech Revue, adding more hardware features, new content channels including the Spotify music service and pitching it at a lower price.

This category of small set-top boxes seems up against it compared to the more integrated efforts of internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players and game consoles, but they keep fighting back with lower prices, improved interfaces and imaginative additions to their services. Read more

The death of Steve Jobs produced a wave of public grief. From accounts of his historical significance to highly personal reminiscences, it was a moment to commemorate a man who did more than anyone to shape the history of personal technology. Read more

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive and founder of Facebook, unveiling the new features

While sitting at my computer last weekend, a series of photos began to pop up showing our garden, with my daughter in some of the shots.

Initially alarmed, I quickly cottoned on that she was unwittingly sending me a live feed of a photo shoot she was doing for a class project. I had lent her an SD memory card for her camera, but it was an Eye-Fi version: its built-in WiFi allows her to beam backups of the pictures to my PC as soon as they are taken – which I had simply forgotten about.

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One of the strangest research trips I ever went on was to the Kannon Do Zen Center in Mountain View, California. It came at the end of a long day at Apple trying to understand what made the company tick. My office at the time was a stationery closet on the fourth floor of One Infinite Loop, Apple’s corporate headquarters, a makeshift space an iPhone’s throw from the senior executives including Steve Jobs.

It was late 2009 and I had been hired for a few months to do some writing for the then nascent Apple University, an internal programme intended to help rising executives within the company learn the business of Apple. But first I had to try to learn it myself, to find something to grip in a company that to the outside world seems as smooth as the glass facades of its shops.

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