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Steve Jobs

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I am a member of a cult. That cult is Apple. Its prophet was Steve Jobs. I am not a shareholder of the company. But I am – and have been for 31 years – a devotee of its products.

This started in 1980, with purchase of the Apple II for a World Bank research project I had promoted. I did not myself use the machine. But I could see the immense advantages of having such a computer for our own use rather than relying on remote access to a mainframe computer under someone else’s control.

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In the titanic power struggle that has been taking shape between the giants of consumer technology, the looming clash between mobile and social has become the most intriguing.

It is almost hard now to remember a time, in the hazy past of half a decade ago, before the iPhone made the digital life a constant accompaniment to analogue existence, or before most people became enmeshed in the web of virtual personal connections that make up Facebook.

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By Dan Thomas

Google wants to get the world talking using their Androids with an application that will translate speech into any of 14 languages.

Although lacking a cute moniker as Apple’s also loquacious new personal assistant (“hello Siri”), Google Conversation will allow many Android users to speak to each other in their own languages – albeit in a slightly robotic female voice. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Apple is in talks with several Hollywood movie studios about a plan to let consumers buy movies and stream them to the company’s devices such as the iPad and iPhone, according to Bloomberg. Apple is looking to make the films available via its iCloud service, two people close to the negotiations told Bloomberg. Read more

Intel has quietly ditched its Digital Home Group, which had championed the Smart TV category of internet-connected televisions – a target market for its Atom microprocessors. The company made the high-profile appointment of Erik Huggers from the BBC in January to head what was described at the time as a “key strategic business for Intel”. An Intel spokeswoman said on Wednesday that Mr Huggers was remaining at Intel but Digital Home was not now considered a core business. Read more