Daily Archives: October 15, 2011

A supercomputing race is taking place among leading nations to reap the economic benefits of reaching exaflop speeds, according to Steve Scott, formerly of Cray Inc and now Nvidia’s new chief technology officer. “It’s really critical for industrial competitiveness, military superiority is not the most important thing anymore,” he told us, in the week Nvidia announced it would supply 18,000 of its Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to upgrade a supercomputer at the US’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Read more

No great surprise here. Google is killing off Buzz, the ill-fated social updates service it launched early last year.

With Google+ now passing 40m members and all the company’s focus directed towards promoting that service, it’s time to throw Buzz onto a scrapheap that already includes notable casualties like Wave and Google Health. Read more