Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

After going to war with Twitter, serial entrepreneur Bill Gross has come up with a new idea: take it on at its own game. His UberMedia is launching a Twitter/Tumblr hybrid, called ChimeIn, that draws on some of the best ideas of both.

The obvious question this begs: how many social platforms does the world need? Read more

Amid all the Apple hoopla of the last fortnight, there has been surprisingly little mention of the potential impact of the new iOS5 on the games console industry.

Combining Apple TV with any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the latest software allows whatever is on the screen of the handheld to appear simultaneously on the big screen, through Airplay Mirroring – including games. The result is something which looks pretty similar to Nintendo’s planned Wii U console, combining a touchscreen wireless controller with traditional console-style gaming. Read more

As the Japan earthquake and tsunami showed, supply chain disruptions could come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s a new risk for the technology industry: China is getting serious about tightening its environmental regulations.

In an emergency announcement on Sunday night, Taiwan’s Catcher Technology (2474:TAI), one of the world’s biggest makers of metal casings for notebook PCs, said it had been ordered to close part of its plant in China’s Suzhou province by regulators, after local residents complained of bad odours generated by the plant. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

YouTube has launched Merch Store, a feature where YouTube’s music partners will be able to sell artist merchandise, digital downloads, concert tickets and other experiences to fans and visitors, TechCrunch reports. The online video sharing site has also announced partnerships with a number of companies to launch the service: Topspin is being used to help in sales of merchandise, while Songkick will be involved in concert tickets and iTunes and Amazon will look after transactions for music downloads. Read more