Daily Archives: October 18, 2011

Milko van DuijlStill high on overtaking Dell last week to become the world’s second largest PC manufacturer by sales, Lenovo is becoming ever more bullish. Milko van Duijl, Lenovo’s senior vice president, is now not shy of admitting the company is gunning for the number one position – which it could reach within two or three years. Read more

When HTC chief executive Peter Chou said this month that he was on the lookout for further acquisitions, he wasn’t kidding. The Taiwanese smartphone company on Tuesday announced it had acquired Inquisitive Minds, a US company that developed Zoodles, a kids-friendly browser designed to give children a safe browsing environment. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Twitter is now worth ‘an even $8bn’, chief executive Dick Costolo told the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, Business Insider reports. The company recently raised $800m across a two-part round of funding.

Reliance Industries is looking to start rolling out 4G services in India as early as the beginning of next year and reach countrywide deployment by mid-2012, India’s Economic Times says. The company has also started talks with media and entertainment companies to acquire content for its wireless broadband offerings. Read more

Ebay chief executive John Donahoe said the Chinese government  won’t let foreign-owned  internet companies win in that country, but added PayPal will nonetheless bend to fit new rules and stay in the market. Read more