Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

Mint, the browser-based personal finance service, has released an iPad version that takes its product to another level.

The iPad seems a natural home for Mint, with the service taking advantage of its tap, pinch and swipe features to make a tour through your financial information a pleasure rather than a chore. Mint’s well known pie charts and bar graphs are displayed to best effect on the iPad’s screen and touch and pinch gestures allow the user easily to drill deeper into charts and graphs for different categories and down to the individual transaction level. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

France Telecom and Publicis are to set up a joint venture-capital fund focused on European technology start-ups, according to Bloomberg. The size of the fund may be greater than €100m ($139m), people close to the plan told Bloomberg.

Apple has had its patent for the “slide to unlock” control used on its devices confirmed, ZDNet reports. This puts every Android phone and tablet that uses the same process to unlock their screens in the line of fire from Apple’s patent lawyers, ZDNet warns. Read more