Daily Archives: October 27, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800While Nokia was busy unveiling its new Windows smartphones at Nokia World on Wednesday, there was already speculation around the conference – will a Nokia Windows tablet follow? Read more

Tech stories from around the web:

Research In Motion is facing a possible class action lawsuit in Canada over the global outage that struck BlackBerry customers last month, Cnet reports. RIM said it would not comment on the suit, which was filed yesterday in Quebec Superior Court. Read more

Advertisers can be pretty shameless about weaseling their way into editorial content. Whether unethically buying coverage, quietly working with celebrities for endorsements, or good old-fashioned product placement, companies big and small regularly employ such tactics as part of their marketing arsenal.

But today Gawker.com uncovered what looks to be a new wrinkle in the shady world of buying online influence. According to Gawker, a small marketing firm called 43a offered to pay writers for inserting links to its clients’ websites. The fee: $130 – $175 per link. Read more