Daily Archives: December 20, 2011

When Thierry Breton, chief executive of Atos, said the IT services company would ban use of internal email by 2014, it caused a sensation across the media, with commentators describing the idea as either “brave”, “stupid” or doomed to failure.

But in fact, a number of companies have been quietly moving away from using email as the primary way of communicating within the company. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Apple has applied for a patent for a self-service kiosk that would read customers’  mobile devices and give them recommendations on accessories and apps, according to Mashable. The kiosk could be installed in Apple Stores and Best Buy outlets, Mashable speculates. Read more

Facebook’s engineers and executive team moved into their new offices in Menlo Park today, finalizing the company’s move from its old campus in nearby Palo Alto, and punctuating a fresh round of differences with its new neighbors.

The first dispute: traffic.

As Facebook prepares for a hiring boom that will fill its new offices on 1 Hacker Way with more than 9,000 employees, nearly triple its current roster, local residents and politicians are panicking about traffic jams and car pollution. Read more