Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

Google has just premiered its TV announcements for next week’s Consumer Electronics Show, where the major television makers will be showing off the latest in “Smart” internet-connected sets.

The addition of LG TV models and replacements for Intel as the processor maker for Google TVs is the new news, although Google revealed its activation rates for its “TV meets the Web” service have doubled since Version 2.0 of Google TV was launched in October, suggesting a boost for sales of Sony devices. Read more

A year after they charged into the annual Consumer Electronics Show with more than 100 devices, tablet makers are returning to Las Vegas next week as a ragged and battle-scarred army that has failed to dent the success of Apple’s iPad.

Despite the deep war wounds – most notably HP’s abandonment of its TouchPad and Research in Motion’s $485m writedown as it was forced to discount deeply its PlayBook device – the iPad rivals are banking on a new Android operating system, the arrival of Windows 8 and improved content offerings to help them cut into Apple’s two-thirds share of the market.

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Marvell, the US semiconductor company, has bought Xelerated, the Swedish maker of networking infrastructure chips, in a deal understood to be worth around $100m.

Meanwhile, UK-based Picochip was bought by Mindspeed Technologies, a US chip vendor, in a deal valued at up to $76.8m, including a $51.8m in cash and shares and up to $25m earn-out.   Read more

Notch another win up for London’s Silicon Roundabout. Moo, the online printing service that was one of the first tech companies to set up shop on the Old Street interchange, has beaten international competition to strike a deal with Facebook to become the go-to site for making business cards out of its new Timeline profile picturesRead more

Tech news from around the web:

Apple has snatched Adobe media executive Todd Teresi to run its mobile-advertising business, Bloomberg reports. iAd has not been one of Apple’s greatest successes since acquiring Quattro Wireless two years ago but mobile advertising, while small, continues to grow apace. Apple has been no friend to Adobe in recent years, with the late Steve Jobs vocally refusing to allow its Flash web plug-in onto any iDevices. Read more

US regulators charged a financial adviser with trying to sell $500bn-worth of fraudulent securities on LinkedIn, and issued an alert warning investors of a growing number of social media schemes.

The Securities and Exchange Commission also called on investment advisory firms to bring their anti-fraud monitoring systems up to date with the evolutions in online communication.

The actions signal a determination of the SEC to pursue fraud on social media sites, and raise the stakes among the many investment firms who have been struggling to find the right technology to track their staff’s social network activity and comply with federal laws. Read more