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The thumb-jockeys have had their moment: now is the time for the rest of us.

That is the message coming loud and clear from Las Vegas, where consumer electronics companies and technology suppliers have been lining up this week to show off ways of controlling devices using touch, gestures, voice-recognition, sensors, eye-tracking, new styluses – anything, in fact, as long as it doesn’t require exercising the thumbs (with or without the aid of the odd finger or two.) Read more

Samsung, the biggest exhibitor at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, has unveiled new Smart TV technology and updates to its smartphones, tablets, laptops and cameras at its main press conference on Monday.

Making Smart TVs easier to use was a focus, with new voice and gesture recognition technology being announced. Our live blog from the event is after the jump: Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Ultra-thin notebooks and tablets to rival Apple’s MacBook Air and  iPad 2 respectively are expected to take centre stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which officially opens on Tuesday. Read more

Dropcam has just unveiled a new version of its Wi-Fi security camera at CES in Las Vegas, offering a much improved design, more features and a cheaper price.

This is the first camera designed by Dropcam itself and it looked so much better than its predecessor when Greg Duffy, Dropcam co-founder and chief executive, came into our office and demonstrated it in November (the new camera is on the right in the photo). Read more

Toshiba showed off its new Excite X10 tablet at CES on Sunday evening, coupling it in demonstrations with its latest lineup of Smart TVs.

The Excite is a 10.1in tablet, which Toshiba claims is the world’s thinnest and lightest at that size – 0.3in thin to be specific and weighing 1.2lbs. Read more

It has no orders yet and no price, but One Laptop Per Child’s first tablet is ready to go and was being proudly displayed by Ed McNierney, OLPC chief technology officer, at the CES Unveiled event in Las Vegas on Sunday evening.

I talked to Ed about the possibilities for the 8in XO 3.0 tablet and got a glimpse of  the hand crank and solar panels that will be able to power it. Video is after the jump. Read more

Nokia Lumia 710

Microsoft is set to give a concerted push to its smartphone software this week as it kicks off its latest attempt to claw back lost ground from Apple and Google.

Despite rising anticipation on Wall Street, however, the software company is not ready to take the wraps off a new version of Windows, according to a person familiar with its plans. Windows 8, expected to be launched this year, is designed to work with touchscreen tablets as well as PCs.

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The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show gets underway in Las Vegas this week with more than 50 tablets, between 30 and 50 Ultrabook notebooks and a record number of smartphones expected to be introduced.

TV manufacturers will show new screen technology that goes beyond current high-definition standards and improvements in Smart TV interfaces are expected. We will be fighting through crushing crowds and squeezing into packed press conferences to cover the new gadgets, key launches and technology news from Las Vegas. Our coverage this week can be found here.

Amid the 55-inch, ultra-high definition TVs and the platoons of smart mobile devices with which the world’s consumer electronics makers hope to wow punters at their annual gadget-fest in Las Vegas this week, there is one thing they hope no one will ask: the price.

The tumbling prices of everything from flatscreen TVs to ereaders have become a bane for makers of digital hardware, even as they enjoy soaring interest in their widening range of mobile devices.

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