Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

The internet industry scored a tactical victory this week with Wednesday’s blackout of sites such as Wikipedia and Reddit, and the White House’s decision to oppose parts of two bills intended to curb the file-sharing of films and copyrighted material. “Piracy rules,” tweeted Rupert Murdoch angrily.

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Livescribe, the digital pen company, has announced a new chief executive, new funding and a new strategy as its founder Jim Marggraff steps down.

Gilles Bouchard, a former senior HP executive, becomes CEO. $10m has been added by existing backers in a new round and the company plans to release a wireless version of its Echo smartpen later this year as it explores cloud services. Read more

For an extreme gaming PC maker, Alienware has come up with the smallest and most moderately priced machine in its history in the $699 X51.

The company, acquired by Dell in 2006, is looking to expand beyond the 1 to 2 per cent share of the PC market owned by enthusiast gaming PCs, with a model that is quieter, more affordable and less obtrusive in a living room environment. Read more