Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

The new iPad unveiled by Apple chief Tim Cook is not the iPad 3, nor the iPad HD, though it is in spirit both of those. Apple has decided to further distance itself from the specifications-battle that has typified the technology industry’s product nomenclature to call its new iteration simply “the new iPad”.

Time and again on stage in San Francisco, Mr Cook emphasised that the iPad was the embodiment of what Apple co-founder Steve Jobs called the “post-PC era”. Read more

Apple has launched a third version of its iPad at a special event in San Francisco, with a new high-definition display being the main improvement.

The new iPad has a Retina display – its  resolution is so dense the eye cannot discern individual pixels,  an A5X chip with four cores or brains for faster graphics,  an improved 5Mp rear camera and 4G LTE wireless connectivity.  There is also an update to the Apple TV set-top box .  Pricing remains the same and the iPad will be available in a number of countries  on March 16.  Review our live blog from the event after the jump. Read more

Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales says that the online encyclopedia is “very unlikely” to integrate Facebook’s Like button or other ways of sharing on the social network, despite it becoming an increasingly important source of traffic, because he is concerned about readers’ privacy.

Speaking at the FT’s Digital Media Conference in London on Wednesday, Mr Wales also said that he was more concerned about big technology companies and app stores controlling the internet’s creativity than threats to “net neutrality”. Read more

Corbis, the Bill Gates-owned company best known for licensing stock images to advertising agencies and other media organisations , is launching a music licensing service backed by the four major record labels.

The service is an extension of its GreenLight music licensing business, used by major advertising agencies. It is being aimed at the corporate market initially but could be extended to individual users who, for example, might want to add music to YouTube videos they upload. Read more

Intel has launched its next-generation server processor to boost its presence in data centres and cloud storage, while at the same time pooh-poohing an acquisition by rival Advanced Micro Devices in the same area.

At a launch event in San Francisco on Tuesday, Intel said the Xeon E5  product family represented up to an 80 per cent performance improvement over its previous generation. It said it was not impressed with the server technology of SeaMicro and declined to buy it before AMD announced a $334m deal last week. Read more