Daily Archives: July 3, 2012

The success of Activision Blizzard’s new Call of Duty game for China will hang on its localised production, according to its chief executive.

Bobby Kotick was speaking from China to the FT after Tuesday’s announcement in Shanghai of a partnership with online gaming provider Tencent to bring the world’s biggest video game franchise to the market. Read more

Twitter became the latest internet company to reveal attempts by governments to access user data and remove content, as the micro-blogging service followed in the footsteps of Google and released its first transparency report on Monday.

The report revealed that Twitter received government requests for user details from 1,181 accounts in the first half of 2012.  Twitter complied with just under two-thirds of all government requests for user data. Read more

When you’re doing something controversial, it’s not a good idea to introduce a software bug that draws more unwelcome attention to the move. And it’s also best not to accuse some of your own users of confusion before you get to the root of the problem.

Facebook has demonstrated generally solid execution recently, but its latest attempt to get its members to use their @Facebook.com email accounts is not one of its proudest moments. Read more