Sonos brings on Sub as new player

After the success of last year’s wireless Play:3 speaker system , Sonos has brought out an addition to its music-player family: the Sub (pictured left, in black), writes Jeremy White.

Those familiar with Sonos will probably agree that its Play:3 speakers push out serious room-filling sounds and link with other units in range to offer up a home hi-fi network that’s refreshingly easy to set up.

But this new sub-woofer from Sonos, the imaginatively monikered Sub, is something of a revelation. It turns what you thought was a quality overall sound into something altogether finer, with full, rich bass notes driving it all, but not overpowering.

Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face provide that deep sound – down to 25Hz – and as a result of this construction produce very little (or none at all in my experience) cabinet buzz.

Also adding the hefty (16kg) Sub to your existing Sonos system requires the touch of one button.  Just one.  Plus, you can fine-tune the level of bass if needed, and, being a sub-woofer, you can hide the unit anywhere in the room (even lying flat under a sofa) and those bass tones will remain vibrant and powerful.

However, going with the thought that you cannot miss what you never had, in an unfortunate way the Sub – by superbly adding that fine low-end tone – highlights something you didn’t know was lacking in those prized Play:3s. Take it away once you have experienced the complete effect and you’re left pining for that enveloping woofer bass.

Another possible downside may be that at a not inconsiderable cost of £599, audiophiles will probably not be snapping up multiple units to spread around the house – meaning that you’ll have to choose just one room to bask in the Sub’s full glory.

But that’s the thing, it is glorious – and throw in the free tablet app (previously you needed a £280 Sonos controller) and the fact that the Sub automatically adjusts its audio settings to balance with the rest of your existing Sonos speakers and you have a complete, simple-to-use wireless music system that is, now, difficult to fault.