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Tim Bradshaw

Within the last hour, Twitter and Apple’s forums have lit up with hundreds of complaints from users whose upgrades to the latest iOS6 software for iPhone and iPad have prevented them from connecting to WiFi. Read more

Tim Bradshaw

The first batch of iPhone 5 reviews is out. Every one agrees it will be a smash hit for Apple. As is customary with iPhone reviews, there is no shortage of superlatives along the way.

“This iPhone 5 review unit is the single nicest object in my possession,” writes Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, while acknowledging the hyberbole.

That isn’t to say Apple doesn’t deserve such high praise. But with such lofty standards, the faults can stand out more glaringly, sometimes becoming minor news cycles in themselves.

So below is a nitpicker’s guide to the new iPhone, as seen by its first batch of users outside Cupertino. Read more

Chris Nuttall

It’s not every day that a technology launches with a confident forecast that its name will be on more than 1bn devices within the next four years, but that’s the case with Miracast, whose certification programme is announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance on Wednesday.

What is it? Miracast-certified devices can transmit video content to each other over Wi-Fi.

Sounds familiar? Yes, Apple’s AirPlay does something very similar as does Intel’s WiDi and Miracast builds on the Wi-Fi Alliance’s own Wi-Fi Direct standard. It’s a rebranding of what was previously talked about as Wi-Fi Display and a sign that companies have finally settled on a common standard. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Contour is first out of the gate with a new hands-free video camera going on sale today, ahead of fresh competition from Sony and an expected product announcement from GoPro in October.

The Contour+2 is the only camera of this type, popular with sports enthusiasts, to be made available in the Apple Store and it has a much improved iOS app to go with it. Read more

Sarah Mishkin

It’s been the season of high-profile phone launches. Except, sadly, for Acer and Alibaba. Their planned launch of a co-branded phone for Chinese consumers got cancelled at the last minute when Google objected to the version of Android on the phone.

What the last-minute cancellation – and some continued sniping between the companies – shows is how tricky it is to manage China’s booming mobile market. That’s true, apparently, even for Google, whose Android platform dominates in a big way.

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Chris Nuttall

Zynga has acquired the Silicon Valley game developer A Bit Lucky as it tries to attract players more eager to spend money on its social games.

Rivals such as Kixeye have been monetising at much better rates than Zynga by making games that appeal to hard-core gamers. Zynga has focused on casual players to date, but it described its acquisition as a “mid-core” (whatever that means!), “multi-platform games developer”. No financial details were released, but Zynga described the deal as “small”. Read more

Interesting commentary from around the Web on the tech story that made headlines this week.

This week marked the start of iPhone mania. Apple’s much-awaited unveiling of the device on Wednesday drew a degree of criticism from tech commentators, some of whom saw the changes as incremental. But the longer, thinner and lighter bodied iPhone didn’t dissuade consumers from burning through Apple’s first round of online pre-order supply.

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Bill Moggridge Obit pFEATURES©Rex Features

Bill Moggridge’s awakening to the downside of the electronic age came at 4am one day in 1983. After buying a digital watch at a Japanese airport on the way home from a business trip – it boasted a radio and an earpiece on the end of a strand of wire – he had lost the instruction booklet. Programming its alarm then became pure guesswork. Hence the rudely beeping reveille.

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Kindle Fire HD

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You know you are experiencing a different kind of tablet when, on turning it on, you are presented with a full-page advertisement for the latest DVD release. Swipe to the left on the Shop Now button to be taken straight to a purchase page, or swipe to the right to unlock the touchscreen and have a normal tablet experience – the choice is yours.

This is the tablet business model being pushed by Amazon on the new Kindle Fire HD – its tablets are subsidised by advertising and by driving sales on Consumers get a device at a bargain price, but are channelled into an experience based on consumption of Amazon content.

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The surprise in Wednesday’s iPhone 5 announcement was reserved till the end, when we were finally allowed to hold one in our hands backstage.

The new specifications had already been widely leaked or guessed: a bigger screen, 4G LTE connectivity, a faster processor and a new dock connector were all expected, and Apple had already previewed the improvements in its iOS 6 operating system and apps during the summer.

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