Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

Lytro’s revolutionary light-field camera has received a couple of interesting enhancements to boost its appeal during the holiday season.

The Silicon Valley company announced Perspective Shift – a way of bringing total focus to a picture and moving around in it – and Living Filters – the ability to add Instagram-like effects to shots taken. Read more

How far will Google go to head off the threat of long and damaging antitrust battles on both sides of the Atlantic – and how hard will regulators push to cramp its expansive style?

The answers to those questions should become clearer in the next few weeks, as the European Commission and the US Federal Trade Commission press the company for voluntary changes in its business model to end their antitrust investigations. Rivals want radical action, perhaps even extending to a break-up of Google into separate companies that handle search and other services. The likely outcome, though, is more minimalist.

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Sony Vaio Tap

Sony Vaio Tap 20
Rating 4/5

Sony’s Tap 20 changes the concept of the home PC by stripping away most of the things we associate with familiar computing appliances.

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