Daily Archives: January 9, 2013

The Pebble smart watch, which raised a record $10m on Kickstarter last spring, will finally start shipping later this month after months of delays – albeit with a few missing features.

The device is one of several smart watches on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including the voice-controlled Martian Watch, another Kickstarter projectRead more

Getty Images, the world’s largest supplier of stock photos, has formed partnerships with two start-ups that help publishers transform online images into interactive adverts and virtual shopfronts.

The deals mark a big step forward for a new, highly-targeted form of advertising that Getty expects will become a significant source of revenues for news and magazine publishers. Read more

Aereo is not sitting around waiting for a judge to decide its fate. The digital video service that might disrupt traditional television economics if it can get through a legal thicket thrown up by those most wedded to traditional TV economics is going for growth.

Chet Kanojia’s start-up, which last year began offering streams of high-definition broadcast TV signals to devices from smartphones to tablets, plans to expand from New York City to 22 new markets, having secured $38m in a series B financing round, led by Barry Diller’s IAC and Highland Capital Partners. Read more