Daily Archives: January 24, 2013

Why is it that text-to-speech services so often come with that cool-yet-sexy synthesised female voice straight out of a male fantasy?

Ivona, a Polish company, is no exception, judging by this avatar from the company’s website. She is likely to be coming to more Kindle devices soon, following Amazon’s acquisition of the company on Thursday. The most tantalysing question, though: Is Ivona also Amazon’s answer to Siri and a sign that it will soon be in the smartphone business? Read more

Skimming down the ski slopes of Davos this year, wearing the latest gadgets from this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, digerati will be able to register their speed, altitude, position, distance, temperature, heart rate and even brain activity at any given second.

With point-of-view action cams attached to ski poles and helmets, the whole experience could be captured in wide-angle UltraHD quality and streamed to a smartphone screen or out to watching friends on Facebook. Read more

If Microsoft isn’t prepared to take a bet on the PC, then who is?

This explains why the world’s biggest software company is now considering dipping into its $67bn of cash reserves to back a buyout of Dell, a casualty of the fierce wars raging in the hardware industry.

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