Hannah Kuchler Twitter reacts to Twitter’s #IPO

The much-anticipated Twitter IPO (TwIPO?) has arrived. Twitter chose to announce it, of course, on its own site:

After taking a little mocking about this not being a particularly confidential announcement:

The company tried to play it cool and pretend it wasn’t all that bothered about the possible billions:

Dick Costolo, chief executive, didn’t comment on the filing at all, and was busy reading a New Yorker short story.

Of Twitter’s three co-founders, Ev Williams, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey, only Mr Dorsey allowed himself to reminisce:

But everyone else had lots to say.

Some saw the signs early:

Others were supportive:

While a few tried to ruin the party:

Many just did what people do on Twitter – crack jokes:

Which was already boring some :