Daily Archives: October 3, 2013

Twitter’s S-1 registration document has landed, dishing out the detail on how much the messaging platform wants to raise in its upcoming offering, its business performance and its plans for the future. Follow our live blog as a team of FT reporters scours the 247-page filing for the most interesting tidbits and we compile reaction from across the web. 

It’s not just Apple and The Graduate that think plastic is fantastic. Read more

Sunday night’s US finale of Emmy award-winning TV series Breaking Bad sent viewers flocking to their laptops to hear a song played on the programme, boosting downloads of the 1970s British rock band Badfinger’s hit “Baby Blue” by almost 3000 per cent this week. In the last hours of Sunday night, the track was bought 5,300 times, compared to 200 the week before.

As TV viewers got ready to wean themselves off their addiction to the Crystal Meth fest, they found comfort in being able to instantly hear the song featured on the show, as well as other Badfinger songs. Sales of those tunes increased their sales by up to 260 per cent.

But according to the data from research firm Nielsen, the real story is in the streaming. Read more