Daily Archives: October 30, 2013

Facebook thoroughly beat expectations on the back of a rise in mobile user numbers as mobile advertising now contributes almost half of ad revenue. But the social network still failed to impress investors when it told them usage was declining among younger teens and warned the switch from adverts on the right rail to the newsfeed would slow in coming months. Facebook reported earnings of $0.25, far exceeding forecasts of around $0.19.

Here is how it happened: from the share price soaring in after hours trading to a new all-time high when traders saw the initial figures, to it falling back down rapidly during the earnings call. Tim Bradshaw and Hannah Kuchler brought you the live reaction and the all details from the call.  

Say you’re a fairly aggressive taxi app company with a reputation for hiking prices at peak times and raising hundreds of millions of dollars to crush your competitors. What’s the one thing with enough internet love to offset your karma? That’s right: kittens.

And so it came to pass that Uber, “everyone’s private driver”, for one day only delivered kittens and cupcakes. And the internet said it was good. Even for $20 for 15 minutes of “snuggles”. Read more