Daily Archives: January 14, 2014

Nutanix, which looks like being the next billion-dollar start-up to emerge from the revolution sweeping through data centre technology, is nothing if not bold.

That extends to a new $156m round of financing announced on Tuesday which includes a $55m slice of debt – a hefty commitment for a company that only began to generate revenue two years ago and has yet to turn cashflow positive. But Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are already jostling for prime position in a future IPO. Read more

The internet search startup, which went on to resemble a media company with its content services, is becoming all about the hardware these days. Read more

The $3.2bn acquisition of Nest will bring a whole new class of personal data under Google’s control: information about what happens inside your home. So it’s not surprising that privacy questions are already looming large.

In reality, Nest’s privacy policy puts constraints on how the information it collects can be used. But that still appears to leave Google a fair amount of latitude – and it hasn’t ruled out policy changes in future to make even greater use of the data. Read more

In an interview on Monday afternoon, Nest’s co-founder and chief executive Tony Fadell told the FT that he sold the “smart home” company to Google because he wanted to focus on new product innovations, not worry about managing the behind-the-scenes infrastructure that handles all the data generated from its “Learning Thermostat” and “Protect” smoke alarm, and to ensure the company stays ahead of mounting competition. Read more