Daily Archives: January 28, 2014

The interests of bondholders do not usually make it very far up the list of concerns of most tech executives. Thanks to the industry’s cash mountain (as we reported in our series on corporate cash last week) it’s been more a case of how to keep restless shareholders happy.

But all of that could soon change if debt levels continue to rise at current rates, according to a report from Richard Lane at Moody’s. Read more

The rollout of Apple’s iPhone by China Mobile to 300 cities this year is going to be slower than many analysts expected – contributing to its outlook disappointing on Monday and its shares falling more than 7 per cent at the open today.

But new estimates for the rollout of 4G services promise rich pickings for Apple later in 2014 and beyond. Read more

Apple doesn’t do down-market.

We’ve always known this about the premium device maker, but its first quarter results hammered home how this is becoming a problem for the iPhone creator. Read more

Silicon Valley may have tried to wash its hands of Tom Perkins over his claim that criticism of the wealthiest 1 per cent bears comparison with Nazi persecution of the Jews.

But, even as he apologised for the comment on Monday, that didn’t stop the former venture capitalist from claiming to speak for Silicon Valley as he warned of the dangers of a populist backlash against the massive wealth being created in the tech industry. Read more