Hannah Kuchler Amazon’s Bezos looks out for investment opportunities

amazon kindle fireAmazon founder Jeff Bezos is among the new investors in Lookout, a San Francisco-based mobile security company that just pulled in the largest fundraising by a cyber security company so far this year.

As Amazon promised to be “relentless” in its pursuit of selling everything, Bezos appears to being equally eager to make personal investments in almost every industry. Here are some – but not all – of the investments he has made through his vehicle Bezos Expeditions.

Media: Bezos’ most high profile recent investment was his purchase of the Washington Post, the DC-based newspaper renowned for its role in breaking the news of the Watergate scandal. But he has fingers in other media pies too: in 2013, he took a stake in Business Insider, the loud mouthed financial news site fond of slideshows, and back in 2008 he invested in Twitter, the social media site beloved by journalists. He also has investments in Vessel, a video platform, and Next Door, a social network for neighbours.

Robots: We know Bezos likes robots from his ambition to replace many Amazon warehouse workers with them, but he is also keen on robotics start-ups. He has invested in Rethink Robotics, 3D printer maker MakerBot and Artificial Intelligence developer Vicarious. He is also a fan of quantum computing, putting his money in D-Wave Systems.

Space: Bezos founded another company, Blue Origin, to cut the cost of humans getting into space by creating new reusable launch vehicles whihch he intends to use in a orbital programme.

Sharing economy: Bezos has invested in Uber, the taxi app which shows a similar ‘take over the world’ attitude as Amazon, and AirBnB, which is transforming the hotel business by creating an easy way for holiday makers to stay in residents’ spare rooms and apartments.

Finance: He has put his money into Remitly, a mobile payments services that enables users to make international payments.

Health: The Amazon founder has participated in two fundraising rounds in Juno Therapeutics, a company which is developing immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer.

Education: He has invested in EverFi, an education technology company, and TeachStreet, an online marketplace for local and online classes.

Games: Bezos is an investor in Linden Lab, the maker of the simulated world Second Life, SGN, the social gaming network, and Kongregate, which allows developers and gamers to upload and rank games.

Enterprise software: Workday, the financial and HR software as a service company, Basecamp, a project management tool, and Domo, another SaaS platform to help online marketers access real time data.

Only two areas are clearly missing: e-commerce and books, where he’s busy being relentless with Amazon…