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Rob Minto

Rob Minto is a writer / editor on the FT's emerging markets desk in London. He was previously Head of Interactive, in charge of the multimedia output of He has also been Technology correspondent, as well as a news editor, and joined the FT in 2004.

lehman screenshotOne of the often-cited benefits of the web is the ability to update websites in realtime. Or, failing that, on a daily basis. Or now and then.

Or, in the case of, not at all. Apparently, the bank is still open for business, and thriving as ever. The latest press release available on the site is the bank’s third quarter results. Read more

VoyagerdiskToday saw the launch of A Message from Earth, a “ground-breaking digital time capsule that will be created entirely by the Bebo community this summer and beamed into deep space on a 120 trillion-mile journey.”

The Bebo page has a video introduction by someone called Venetia, who tells us that there’s a planet 20.5 light years away that is very similar to Earth, “and could, in fact, hold life”. In fact we have no idea, but don’t let that stop you. Read more

Of all the schemes Google has dreamt up over the years, Street View has got to be one of the most controversial.

For those not familiar with the idea, Google are taking photos of every street in pretty much the whole world, and integrating it with Google Maps. Naturally, several privacy groups are up in arms at the idea, even though Google have agreed to blur faces and remove people if they request it. Read more

Tim Berners-LeeAre you worried about what you’ve put on Facebook? Concerned that your current – or a future – employer will judge you on some of the personal and possibly foolish things about on the web? You should be.

Apparently 44 per cent of firms are using social network sites to check out job candidates. That was in October last year. And that’s just the ones who admitted to it. Read more